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MycoHAB is a foundation supported by the Standard Bank Group (SBG) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Center for Bits and Atoms.

We partner with organisations and governments to develop innovative ways of creating food security, building materials, jobs and a carbon-negative ecosystem through the use of mycelium technology.

Our platform provides a holistic solution that combines funding opportunities, breakthrough myco-research and application know-how to create a sustainable impact that can be leveraged across territories.

“We need to find innovative solutions that make the best use of scarce resources in new and sustainable ways that enrich and benefit local communities wherever possible.”

Carolyn Cameron-KirksmithGroup Head Strategic Development, Standard Bank Group

Standard Bank and MycoHAB

MycoHAB and the use of mycelium technology represents an opportunity for the SBG to play a bigger part in the green economy. Aligning with the SBG’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy, MycoHAB also amplifies the group’s social, economic and environmental (SEE) principles.

MycoHAB speaks to how the SBG is finding new ways to make dreams possible. With a focus on growing prosperity and benefitting the environment and its biodiversity, MycoHAB slots perfectly into the SBG’s ethos of driving Africa’s growth and investing in her people.

Our focus areas

Next-gen materials

Mycelium composites are green and economical alternatives to traditional materials. Using readily available waste, the end products are structurally compelling and often superior and can be used as raw material at the end of life.


Mycofood production requires less energy, time, land and water to achieve foods of nutritional protein values comparable to meat. Lucrative markets exist, and global demand for mushroom-based food is growing.


Mycelium technologies can be used to clean up the environment and provide devastation relief by breaking down and removing materials, contaminants and toxic compounds through mycoremediation and mycofiltration processes.

Our founders and core team


MycoHAB Foundation

MycoHAB is a non-profit foundation originated by the Standard Bank Group (SBG) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) around the research and development of mycelium-based structures to create a new generation of building materials to benefit communities within Africa and abroad.

While mycelium research and technologies are growing exponentially, until recently, large-scale deployment only existed in widely dispersed and isolated pockets where the science, resources and finances were readily available. This made it inaccessible and too expensive for individual organisations (or countries) to tap into.

To make a tangible and sustainable impact requires a cohesive and inclusive approach that bridges information, application, know-how and funding, which is what led to the MycoHAB Foundation being established in 2021 in Mauritius.

The MycoHAB Foundation is governed by a council of members and aims to redeploy profits generated from the commercialisation of the intellectual property developed from our research into new research areas, skills development and training.

It will also mobilise and invest funding from philanthropic organisations, high net worth individuals and companies into mycelium research and development, application and advancement.


MycoHAB Limited

MycoHAB Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MycoHAB Foundation, based in Mauritius and operating as a global company.

MycoHAB Limited is the commercial centre of MycoHAB operations and enables the MycoHAB concept and its toolkit of technologies to be deployed in other countries in Africa and beyond. This structure enables us to accelerate mycelium research, myco-technologies, bioremediation and innovation to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, in addition to investing in skills development, jobs and industries, and creating new, futureproof circular economies.

MycoHAB Limited partners with scientific communities, research institutions, organisations, civil society, technical agencies and the private sector to develop new applications for the mycelium technology already developed and patented.


MycoHAB Namibia

BioHAB began in Namibia with a collaboration between Standard Bank and MIT. The need for affordable and sustainable housing, as well as meaningful and lasting economic growth in the region, has led to MycoHAB Namibia. Having partnered with the Buy a brick foundation and the Standard Bank Namibia Community Trust, they are innovating for a sustainable future.

MycoHAB Namibia is a commercial subsidiary of MycoHAB Limited in Mauritius and aims to make a positive and lasting impact through innovative initiatives and objectives focused on long-term social, economic and environmental upliftment.

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