Mycelium unlocks boundless growth

Cultivating tomorrow’s possibilities

MycoHAB helps organisations and communities harness the boundless capabilities of mycelium to improve the lives of people where we work.

How we’re growing new possibilities:
MycoHAB Namibia

Namibia is where we first took mycelium technology from lab to market to develop an innovative way of building affordable houses in the process, creating jobs, contributing to food security and rehabilitating the local ecosystem.

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What is mycelium?

  • Fungi are nature’s decomposers, recycling nutrients back into the ecosystem by reabsorbing organic material.
  • There are 144 000 known species of fungi. Mycelium is the root structure of fungi.
  • Mushrooms are the visible part of the fungi. They release spores to reproduce.
  • Mycelium grows extremely fast. It can survive difficult conditions with very few resources.
  • Mycelium sequesters a lot of carbon. It also breaks it down for nutrient absorption by plants.
  • Mycelium can be used in many industries.

The science of sustainability

Fungi are nature’s decomposers, and mycelium is the root structure of fungi that feeds off decay and breaks it down to recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem. By harnessing the power of mycelium and its dynamic response to different environments, we can create greener scalable solutions that turn waste into a resource.

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Founding partners

Our partnership interests span across innovation, the environment and economic empowerment:


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